Takeaways should not take a risk

Takeaway owners must ensure all aspects of their business have the right insurance cover in place – including their delivery drivers.

Take Away

Dave Williams, said the very nature of the takeaway business inevitably meant they needed several different kinds of insurance policy.

“There are so many different areas of a takeaway business that owners need to ensure they have everything covered and adequate protection in place.

“To start with there’s the duty of care to your customers – what if you use a bad food ingredient that makes a customer ill? You’ll need public liability insurance to cover the risk.“Employees working in the business could injure themselves while preparing the food on your premises so you’ll need employer’s liability insurance to cover that.

“And then there’s your delivery drivers. If they use scooters or cars there is the risk to their mode of transport, to other drivers on the road, pedestrians in the street or crossing the road, and the drivers themselves.”

Mr Williams said public liability insurance covers situations where someone on the company premises – an employee, a client or anyone else – injures themselves.

“This could be something as simple as a slip on a wet floor, or falling down a flight of stairs, and the insurance can potentially cover legal costs and compensation claims.”

Employers’ liability insurance is required when a business employs one or more employees.

“The claims under this policy come from employees who say they have hurt themselves on your company premises or they have become ill from working there – perhaps the air quality is bad or there has been a chemical spill.

“If you don’t have this cover in place, you could face a maximum fine of £2,500 for every day your business isn’t properly covered.”

Mr Williams said each individual business would have very specific needs and no two operations would need exactly the same cover.

“You may find your business has unusual risks that you weren’t even aware of, so it’s important to get some expert advice on the kind of policies you’ll need to make sure you’re operating legally and safely.”

  Dave Williams


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