Students need to follow the rules

Students heading to college or university for their first term away from home may well be jeopardising the security of their possessions.

Male Students Working In Bedroom Of Campus Accommodation

But our insurance expert has reassured anxious parents that their own home contents insurance policy could be the answer.

Dave Williams, said: “The majority of students are likely to be renting accommodation when they start the new term, but figures show that as many as two in five don’t have any insurance cover in place.

“The good news though is that almost 80% of contents insurance policies available will cover children when they are away studying at university – but only if they follow the rules.

“And when you consider that the average student takes over £2,000 worth of possessions with them – with some taking a staggering £4,000 worth – it’s even better news that almost two thirds of policies provide cover of £5,000 or more.”

Mr Williams said for a claim to be successful though, certain criteria would need to be met.

“The cover for a student’s belongings will only usually apply to items while they are in their accommodation, or when travelling to and from their parents’ address. If they’re visiting friends, on holiday, or at work, the parents’ policy will need to include personal possessions cover.

“You’ll need to pay extra for this – around £30 a year – but it will cover items like laptops and tablets when they are away from their student accommodation, although there is usually a single item value limit of around £2,000.

“And cover for accidental damage will only be provided if it’s included in the specific terms and conditions of the policy – many insurers will not cover it automatically.”

Mr Williams said most of the student’s personal items would only be covered if their bedroom had a lockable door.

“If the room is left unlocked in a shared house or in a hall of residence, the insurers could well refuse to pay out.

“It’s vital that your student takes responsibility for their own possessions, and takes sensible precautions or it could turn out to be a very expensive first term away from home.”

  Dave Williams


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