Simple actions could be a risk

Homeowners have been warned that something as simple as leaving the windows open could render their insurance null and void.

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Dave Williams, said actions that may seem very minor could lead to insurers refusing to pay out if homeowners needed to make a claim.

“Whether it’s leaving your windows open in warm weather or allowing someone else to drive your car, you may well be surprised at the seemingly innocent actions that could get you into trouble with your insurance company.

“But even more worryingly, more than half the people surveyed by Money SuperMarket admitted they had knowingly committed offences that could leave them unprotected at a time when they need it most.”

Mr Williams said the survey had shown that 13 per cent of those interviewed had admitted to moving jobs without telling their car insurer, despite half of them knowing that could void their insurance.

“It’s vital that you update this kind of information as a change in job can affect the way your premium is calculated, with some occupations being seen as more of a risk. In fact, research has shown that students without jobs who describe themselves as unemployed could face an increase in their premium of over 50 per cent.”

Mr Williams said surveys had shown that five per cent of interviewees had started a home business without telling their home insurance provider, despite 55% being fully aware it could void their insurance. “From storing stock and selling clothes on the internet, or hosting a beauty business party at home, all these actions could cause difficulties.”

And with the Christmas season coming up, Mr Williams warned that homeowners could find themselves at an even greater risk of falling foul of the rules.

“If you’re preparing to host friends and family over the festive season and you’ve carried out some DIY to create extra space for your new guests, you need to inform your insurance company. The research showed that one in 10 people had renovated their homes without declaring the work, despite 26% knowing their policy could be in jeopardy.

“Don’t put yourself and your home at risk – think carefully about the actions you’re taking, no matter how small and innocent they may seem to ensure you’re staying on the right side of the regulations.”

  Dave Williams


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