School run stress is dangerous

Shropshire parents have been warned that stress can make the school run a hazardous driving challenge that could prove costly.

school crossing sign

Martin Pitchford, said figures had shown that one in 10 parents had been involved in a collision with another car as a direct result of school run stress.

“The figures were revealed in a survey by More Than car insurance, which also showed as many as a quarter of parents felt school run driving was as stressful, if not more stressful, than buying a house.

“And it’s not just stressful for the parents – nearly half of all children surveyed said the trip to school was a less than enjoyable experience.”

Mr Pitchford said these stressful journeys were not in isolation either – the survey showed they were a daily occurrence for one in 10 families.

“As many as four in five parents surveyed admitted the experience made it difficult to concentrate on driving the car, and as many as 10 per cent had actually had bumps on the road directly related to being distracted.

“This is extremely worrying and if stressed out parents do need to claim on their insurance if they’re involved in an accident, their insurers could refuse to pay out if it was proved that their children and ongoing stress were factors in the incident.”

Mr Pitchford said the main factor causing stress on the school run was time, with over 40 per cent of parents saying that running late was always a difficulty they had to face.

“Arguments are also a big factor with 42 per cent of those surveyed saying bickering children in the back of the car increased the tension on the school run. And of course, sitting bored in traffic doesn’t help.

“It’s difficult though to see a way around the stress – over half the parents who took part in the research said they wished someone else could do the school run.

“And a third said they would love someone else to referee the children during the journey while they focused on driving the car.

“Clearly there are no easy solutions, but given the worrying facts and figures about stress on the school run, it’s vital that families try to get along during the journey – even if it’s only until they reach the school gates!”


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