Holidaymakers warned about risky travel

Holidaymakers have been warned that travelling abroad without insurance is a risk that’s just not worth taking.

Dave Williams, said research had shown that 8.6 million British tourists were planning to travel overseas this summer without a policy in place.

“It’s baffling to think that so many people are prepared to travel without having any cover at all, and it’s worrying that the figures appear to be on the rise.

“We all know that travel insurance is a crucial part of planning a holiday, and it’s vital that you take out a policy as soon as you book to help protect yourself if you need to cancel due to an unexpected event or illness.

“You must also ensure you have a policy that fully covers any activities you plan to take part in during their break. Check you have the right kind of cover for the type of trip you’re planning too – if you’re flying, does your policy include flight cancellations? If you’re going skiing, do you have winter sports cover?

“Look out for the exclusions too. If you’re doing something exciting like bungee jumping or even playing a game of rugby, most policies will exclude that and other ‘hazardous pursuits’ such as scuba-diving below a certain depth.

“Don’t ignore any existing medical conditions either just to try to secure a cheaper policy – if you’re taken ill abroad, your insurers would be well within their rights to refuse to pay out, and if you can’t pay, you could well find yourself stranded abroad with no way to get home.”

Mr Williams said the rules on illness were very clear – if you’re currently being treated or taking medication for a condition, you will always need to disclose it.

“A number of pre-existing medical conditions must also be revealed if they have occurred within a certain period of time, normally two years. And some serious conditions such as heart, respiratory illnesses and cancer must be disclosed to insurers regardless of how long ago you stopped receiving treatment.

“It’s just not worth taking the risk of travelling without insurance in place because you never know what might happen while you’re away – and it could end in disaster with you facing thousands of pounds in medical bills.

“Don’t put yourself in jeopardy for the sake of taking a few minutes to organise appropriate protection before you travel.”

  Dave Williams


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