Beware Fridays in November

Householders have been warned that November is the prime month for homes to be burgled, according to research.

Dave Williams, said a survey conducted for Co-op Insurance had revealed that thieves are most likely to strike during the darker nights.

“The poll of 4,000 UK adults showed the number of theft claims increased by more than a third in the last two months of the year, with November being the time most burglaries occurred.

“And it seems that Friday was a popular choice with burglars, with crimes taking place more frequently than any other day of the week.”

Mr Williams said now the clocks had gone back, previously recorded figures showed that the number of burglaries would probably soar.

“Sadly, the darker evenings create the perfect circumstances for would-be burglars to ply their trade, and it’s vital that householders do everything they can to protect their home and their family.

“This is the time of year when the highest rate of insurance claims for burglaries occur – in fact, the rate of claims is 10% higher than in the Spring according to the latest figures. So it’s the perfect time to check whether your household insurance is up-to-date, just in case the worst should happen.”

Dave said householders should also review the security measures they had in place at home, in order to deter opportunistic thieves.

“Things such as timers on the lights so that they come on when you’re not at home, installing an alarm system, fitting robust locks on doors and windows, keeping items of value out of sight – every small point can help to keep your family and your home safely protected.

“And not only that, take the opportunity to review the all-important paperwork too when it comes to your household insurance cover.

“At Henshalls, we can help you to find the cover that’s right for your individual needs, and often you can get an unlimited amount of contents cover which is very convenient in today’s world of gadgets and hi-tech appliances.

“It’s vital though that you have sufficient cover to allow for the value of all your belongings – choosing a cheaper premium may well restrict the amount of cover you actually have so if you do make a claim, you could be left out of pocket.”

  Dave Williams


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