Red Cards, Yellow Cards and Green Cards

Even if you’re not a football fan, you probably know what a Red Card means.

To me it is a totally justified expulsion of an opposition player for any reason whatsoever, or an incredibly unfair and unjustified victimisation of one of our players for a misunderstanding. A pretty universal interpretation of the concept, I think.

Similarly for Yellow Cards. We all understand it’s a stern caution, and one more and you’re off. There are times when they are welcome, like when your own player kicks one of theirs six feet into the air when they’re through on goal and might have received an unjustified red, and times when they are not, like when their player kicks one of ours six feet into the air when they’re through on goal and inexplicably does not get a justly deserved red.

However, how many of us remember good old Green Cards? Back in the days when driving abroad was an adventure undertaken by a few brave and intrepid explorers, we used to have to make sure we had a document issued by an insurance company on green paper to show ‘Johnny Foreigner’ that we were insured – a Green Card.

The government recently announced that, in the event of a no deal Brexit from 29th March, 12th April, 22nd May, Christmas 2025 or
April Fool’s Day whenever, you will need to contact your insurer (or better still your extremely helpful broker if you have one) to arrange a Green Card, and we strongly suggest that you don’t leave it until the last minute. For some insurers, we will be able to print it at our office – and yes, we have bought a ream of green paper in readiness!

UK citizens will also need the right type of International Driving Permit (IDP) for their travels. These vary from country to country, but, for instance, France requires IDP 1968 (available from Newport Post Office according to the Post Office website).

For commercial drivers, UK operators need to ensure that their standard international operator’s licence will still be accepted for the countries in which they drive. Applications for an ECMT permit (European Conference of Ministers of Transport) closed on 18th January. Those that did not apply need to consider other options. Lorry drivers may also consider exchanging their UK Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) for an EU CPC.
We are also advising businesses to check their insurances if they are stockpiling goods and materials. You will need to check limits under your policy, keep accurate records of stock levels, check whether they are affected by import tariffs, and check any overseas insurances you may have with regard to the various possible outcomes of Brexit.

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