Drivers on red alert for winter weather

It’s that time of year again isn’t it? Winter.

Snow covered road, winter driving with road sign - slippery road

Yes, every year it comes around, and every year the first sign of ice and snow means some motorists turn into the most cautious drivers in the world.

If there’s a flurry in the air, the average speed on the roads starts to decrease, and we’ve all seen those drivers who take extra special care – which basically means the rest of us face  journeys with hold-ups and delays.

Now I’m not advocating that we should all take a devil-may-care attitude to dangerous driving conditions, far from it.

But there’s a sensible middle-ground to be found here.

And as we face the first real winter weather of 2019, it’s also time to bust the myths that have been circulating on social media about driving conditions.

Rumours have flooded Facebook for months that during the worst of the winter weather when the Met Office issues red weather warnings, car insurance would be worthless.

That’s just not true.

Red weather alerts are a rare occurrence, and they’re obviously only given out when the winter weather is at its worst causing treacherous driving conditions.

Scotland is usually the worst affected but the west country, Wales and Ireland have all been affected in recent years.

Online rumours are never helpful, and drivers can be reassured that in this case, there is absolutely no truth in the suggestions that comprehensive cover would be invalid.

Of course, if you were driving recklessly, at high speed on treacherous roads, and then you were involved in an accident, your payout could be withheld.

But if you’re just trying to make it home in the worst of conditions, and you’re taking care to drive sensibly, then comprehensive cover is your best protection.

It’s not just on the roads you’ll be protected either – a comprehensive policy should also cover any damage caused to your vehicle by stormy conditions.

So, let’s all try to take a sensible – but measured – approach to the winter weather and drive according to the conditions we face without becoming an actual hazard ourselves.

Happy motoring! See you on the ice!


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