DIY or chocolate over Easter? A tough choice.

Will you be joining more than half of Shropshire’s residents who will be rolling up their sleeves to tackle a DIY project over the Easter weekend?

I don’t know about you, but I’d far rather be focusing on chocolate eggs than worrying about all those neglected jobs around the house.

Man doing DIY using a power drill witha woman watching

But if you are planning a bit of DIY, are you actually covered by insurance if your project turns into a disaster?

Whether it’s a lick of paint on the walls or putting up those forgotten shelves, figures show 52 per cent of people are planning to tackle a DIY project over the bank holiday.

But many keen DIYers will be putting their home and their own safety at risk because they don’t have the right insurance in place if things go wrong.

You’d probably assume you were covered by your home insurance policy if any accidental damage was caused.

But no, not all policies provide accidental damage cover – and the rising trend of buying insurance through price comparison websites means that if you take the cheaper option of a standard policy, you could be left vulnerable and without the right protection.

Let’s face it though – without checking the small print on your policy, would you know whether you’re covered?

Research has shown that nearly half the people surveyed were completely clueless about whether they were insured for DIY damage at all, meaning they could face unwanted bills if their DIY plans went wrong.

And when you consider that the average cost of adding this kind of cover to a typical standard home insurance premium is around £25 a year, it seems crazy not to make sure you’re protected.

We all know someone who has suffered a DIY disaster and they can be expensive to fix – many people have to admit defeat and call in the professionals instead.

Thank goodness I have my very own handyman at home – so be prepared Simon, no time for you to be eating chocolate this Easter! There’s work to be done!


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