Whooooooo’s excited about Halloweeeeen?

The answer’s simple – it’s me!

Every year the occasion gets bigger and bigger in our house, after all with four children in the family, it’s difficult to ignore!

But I’m just as excited as they are, if not more so!

Halloween children

The decorations are sorted, we’ve planned the costumes, and spooky food is on the menu – I’ve even given up on housework for the time being: the cobwebs are perfect window dressing!

Parents all over Telford and Shropshire have been conjuring up Oscar-worthy outfits and buying in crate-loads of sweets for the legions of Trick or Treaters, and if you have little ones in the house, then no doubt, like us, you’re completely submerged in the occasion.

For us parents though, there’s also a side of Halloween that we need to take seriously.

I’m sure we can all remember the tragedy of TV star Claudia Winkleman’s daughter who suffered horrific burns as her Halloween outfit caught fire – a terrifying reminder of how dangerous things can be.

Flame-resistant materials for costumes are a must, and taking care with candles and lanterns is vital for everyone.

Health and safety experts have also said that keeping children safe while they’re out and about is a top priority, with shocking statistics showing that a child is four times more likely to be hit and killed by a car at Halloween than at any other time.

Inevitably there will be some over-excited youngsters (and in my case, some who are not so young!), but it’s important to remind everyone to be extra careful crossing the roads.

Make sure everyone who takes part in a Trick or Treat expedition carries a torch, and adults should accompany children and only call at the homes of neighbours and friends that you know well.

Homeowners can help too by removing objects around the outside of the house that could lead to trips and falls in the dark – and keep pumpkin Jack O’Lanterns away from doorsteps and landings where billowing costumes might brush against an open flame.

No-one wants health and safety concerns to ruin the weekend, but no-one wants to run the risk of a nightmare experience that could have been avoided either.

Our little monsters will certainly enjoy themselves – and secretly we’ll probably be having even more fun than they do!

What’s even better is the housework can wait another week – my cobwebs look fantastic!

Happy Halloween everyone!


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