Sunny Bank Holiday!? Perfect Chance to Sort the Garden ?

Ahh – the good old British Bank Holiday Weekend!

Here we are on the brink of another 3-day weekend (can’t they all be like that?) and, for once, it seems the weather is going to play ball with the promise of some sunshine.

Bank holiday summer garden

But of course warmer weather and (for most of us) some well-earned time away from the office means our thoughts inevitably turn to “the garden” – yours probably looks like the one above right?… Unless you’re like me and you’re thinking, ‘oh dear’.

It’s that time of year when the weather has encouraged all those lovely weeds to poke their little heads through the slabs and the dandelions have started to colonise the lawn, and that’s before you even get to the hedge that’s decided to double in size in the past week!

I’m all set to mobilise the family this weekend to make sure our little patch of green is in tip top condition, but of course there are all kinds of health and safety dangers lurking just outside the back door.

What if the sunshine is interrupted by pesky rain showers? That’ll be the end of using electrical extension leads outside so mowing the lawn will be impossible.

And we’ve all been guilty of gardening in completely inappropriate clothing – who hasn’t weeded the garden in their flip flops?

It’s all well and good for the experts to tell us we should wear the right eye and ear protection, with sensible clothes including rubber-soled closed-in shoes in case we cut our toes off with the mower – but in reality, it just doesn’t happen does it?

Don’t get me started on the tools and blades that gardening involves either – or the chemicals from the top shelf in the shed that only come out when the weeds have completely taken over.

The combination of children and pets isn’t ideal either if you’ve decided to blitz your outdoor space, so do you know what? I think I’ll ditch those plans to work myself to a frazzle in the garden this weekend.

Now, where did I put the barbecue….Happy Bank Holiday everyone!


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