Big Apple trip for a Big Birthday

You know what it’s like when you’re approaching a “big” birthday – part of you wants to be excited and part of you is dreading the day itself.

So what could be better than marking the start of a new decade than a surprise birthday trip to The Big Apple? Yes, imagine my excitement when my wonderful husband revealed his plans to take me to New York.

Panoramic view of New York City Manhattan midtown at dusk with Brooklyn Bridge

All those amazing sites to see – The Statue of Liberty, a picnic in Central Park, shows on Broadway, and even the chance to take a glorious helicopter ride, as well as experiencing the hustle and bustle of a vibrant city that never sleeps!

Just one teeny tiny problem – I’m afraid of flying.

Yes, there it is, I’ve said it! I’ve only been on a plane once before (admittedly it was to Australia – although I won’t be doing that trip again in a hurry!) and I’m dreading the trip to America.

Whether it’s the thought of a possible terrorist attack, or just the panic at being shut inside a metal tube for hours on end, I just can’t shake off the worries.

But if I’m going to make the most of my special birthday, it’s clear I’ll need to get over my fears and board that plane – then I’ll probably spend the rest of the flight with my eyes shut!

It’s not just the travelling though either; we need to get the travel insurance sorted (which shouldn’t be a problem since I work for an insurance broker so it ought to be a painless process!).

And then there’s the house insurance to make sure our home is protected while we’re on our travels.

It’s common these days for people to broadcast on social media every cough and twitch of their holidays while they’re away, but this in fact is extremely dangerous.

We all like to see what our friends are doing on their precious break away with regular updates on Facebook, but this could actually invalidate our home insurance if our insurers believe we were recklessly advertising the fact that we weren’t in residence.

So it’s a fine balance between sharing our wonderful memories and making sure we keep our home safe during the trip – maybe we’ll just wait until we get back to post those images of us in iconic locations.

Now there’s just the small matter of making sure the children behave themselves with family and friends back here during our time away – but sadly there’s no policy to guarantee that’s ever going to happen!

See you back here when I’ll be another year older!


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