It’s Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaas!!!

Ok, so I know it’s still November!

And I know some people will think it’s too early to be talking about Christmas, but for me, the festive season has already started!

Rendered Christmas tree and snowman in winter sceneThe 9ft tree has been up in our house for a fortnight already (even though we had to take the middle section out of it to stop it bending double at the ceiling!).

And there’s a distinct Santa’s Grotto effect going on in the living room – snowmen, baubles, fake snow, sparkling lights – you name it, we’ve got it!

I just love everything about Christmas, and there’s nothing better than the excitement on my children’s faces as The Big Day gets nearer.

But of course, all this decorating malarkey takes time, effort and planning! Not to mention electrical wizardry!

And no matter how ambitious your Christmas lights display gets, there are some simple rules to remember to keep your family safe at this precious time of year.

Don’t overload sockets or extension cables, and don’t cover any items that are plugged in as they give off heat which could trigger a fire, particularly with so much tinsel about.

Buying gifts at this time of year can also be a minefield…

So what do you buy the husband who has everything??

It seems that just about everyone has electrical gadgets at the top of their wish list this year, so I’ve been on a mission trawling the shops and the internet to track down the latest must-have items.

But I’ve made sure that anything I’ve chosen (I’m not telling you what I’ve bought – sorry kids, you won’t get any hints in this blog!) has a British or European safety mark on it to make sure everyone stays safe.

Of course it’s tempting to buy an item from somewhere that’s selling it at a cheaper price, but the chances are, there’s a reason why it’s cheaper, so I’ve made sure all my shopping has been done with trusted suppliers.

Not that you’ll see any of my purchases under the tree any time soon: they won’t be put in place until the very last minute as I don’t want to encourage would-be thieves to help themselves.

And you won’t be able to see our Christmas wonderland from the street if we’re out celebrating either, as the curtains will be firmly closed to act as another deterrent.

It’s a sad fact of life that criminals see Christmas as the perfect opportunity to strike, so we’ll be making sure we protect ourselves so that we can enjoy the wonders of the festive season and celebrate this beautiful time of the year.

May I be the first to wish you “A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!”


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