Good luck today – you may just need it!

Is it safe to come out from behind the sofa yet? No, I’m not watching the latest episode of Doctor Who….

Friday 13thI’m hiding because it’s Friday the 13th!! Eeeeek! The day that every superstition you didn’t know you had comes back to haunt you!

Whether it’s stepping over the cracks in the pavement, or avoiding walking under ladders, hiding from all the local black cats, or shouting at the children not to open an umbrella indoors – there just seems to be so many omens that need to be tackled!

There is actually a word for it too – paraskevidekatriaphobia – go on, you can have that one on me next time you play Scrabble! It’s a right mouthful, but it kind of sums up how complicated Friday the 13th has become!

And it would appear I’m not alone either as around 5.8 million people in the UK admit to being superstitious – and over 800,000 people admit to wearing “lucky” pants to combat the negativity!

Now don’t get me wrong, working in the insurance industry you’d think I’d be used to a bit of risk, and in my day job, I’m perfectly calm about assessing risk and taking the necessary precautions to make sure our clients are protected.

So whether it’s commercial insurance products to protect someone’s business, or personal cover for someone’s home, car or holiday plans, our team can offer the very best advice.

And in fact, our company slogan is all about making sure our clients have “Peace of Mind” no matter what circumstances they may face.

But there’s just something about Friday the 13th that sets my nerves on edge…

It’s just amazing how many triggers there are too – like the solitary magpie on my journey into work who I just had to salute, and the extra care I took when polishing the mirrors in my house to avoid breaking them and sentencing the family to seven years of bad luck!

They are superstitions that would be bad enough on any normal day, but Friday the 13th blows them out of all proportion.

So I’ve dug out my lucky pants, I’m stepping over all the cracks in the pavement, and I’m going nowhere near any ladders today – although I draw the line at carrying a “lucky” rabbit’s foot in my pocket! Not so lucky for the rabbit who lost it eh?

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! Don’t worry – it will soon be over!

Fingers crossed!


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