Ready for the off? Bet you haven’t thought of everything…

Summer is finally here – and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be looking forward to that well-earned holiday and the chance to re-charge your batteries.
Sun cream bought – new sun hat purchased – suitcases dragged out of the cupboard – tickets booked – and travel insurance sorted – now, have I forgotten anything?

Haus unter SchutzAhh yes, now this may seem a little less obvious, but what about your home insurance? Yes, you did read that correctly!

Even if you’re only going to be away from home for just a few days, your home needs protecting too. Summer is the most popular time for burglars to take their chances as they’re more likely to find an empty property to target, so it’s important you minimise the risk of them choosing your home for easy pickings.

And yet, it’s amazing to discover the number of people who admit they haven’t even thought about leaving their home with adequate cover while they’re away.

I was astonished to read the results of a survey carried out by M&S Home Insurance and ignoring the need for home insurance could be an expensive and traumatic mistake.
How awful to get back from an incredible trip to find your home had been ransacked and precious valuables taken – and all because you didn’t take the time to put the right insurance cover in place before you went away.
With the typical holidaymaker leaving their home unoccupied for nine days, and another 27 per cent planning to get away for two weeks or longer, you can see how much opportunity would-be burglars have during the peak holiday times.
As well as the right insurance, ask a neighbour, friend or family member to keep an eye on your property, and move expensive items out of sight of windows.

And remember to make last-minute checks to ensure all doors and windows are locked, because figures show that 63 per cent of people surveyed who had been burgled previously said the thieves had forced their way in through a window or door.
Don’t spend your break worrying about what’s happening back at home – get your paperwork sorted before you go, and then you’ll truly be able to relax and enjoy your trip.

Well that’s all from me for now folks – I’ve got packing to do! Happy travelling!


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