Keeping everyone in the picture is a risky business

Ahh Facebook…what did we ever do without it?

Girl taking a selfie on holidayNowadays we all seem to be addicted to sharing every moment of every day, no matter how insignificant they may be!

Grumpy cats, angry babies, and motivational words of wisdom: we all seem unable to resist sharing them far and wide with everyone we know.

But by far the most popular posts are photos – of children, of pets, of celebrations, and of course, holidays.

That’s the problem though.

If you’re posting holiday photos while you’re away or broadcasting your travel dates, just think how invaluable that knowledge could be to a would-be burglar.

They can act safe in the knowledge that you’re out of the country which of course means your home is at risk.

And now, if your house is burgled while you’re away, more and more insurers are checking social media sites before they’ll consider a claim.

So if you’re guilty of posting photos that make it obvious you’re away, they may refuse to pay out as they believe you were asking for trouble.

Anyone who allows their phone or tablet to update their Facebook page to reveal their exact location at any moment may also be refused a payout, so remember to disable that function if you’re planning a trip.

The Facebook phenomenon now plays a huge role in our everyday lives, but the increasingly popular trend of keeping friends and family up-to-date with every holiday cough and sniff is a worrying development.

The social media revolution has really kicked in, so it’s an obvious place to start when it comes to insurers assessing a claim, so if you fail to keep your details private, you’re obviously putting your policy at risk.

It’s already common practice in the USA for insurers to use computer programmes to check policyholders’ social media profiles, and although no UK insurer has yet rejected a home cover claim because of a social media post, it can only be a matter of time.

The best thing to do is to save your photos until you get home, and instead of spending your well-earned break chained to your phone, put it away and enjoy your holiday instead!

Happy Holidays!


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