Burglaries – A Prickly problem in the garden…

There’s something different about me this week you must have noticed!

Man pushing his bike into a shed for storageNo, I haven’t had a haircut. And no, I haven’t bought a new outfit it’s much simpler than that…

The clocks have changed! Yes, the lighter nights are here and it’s given me a real spring in my step and a smile on my face.

Don’t you think it’s so depressing leaving for work in the dark and then not getting home until darkness has returned?

How wonderful to be able to spend some precious family time outside in the evenings and even, (dare I whisper it quietly), think about cooking tea on the barbecue.

But the lighter nights don’t just bring out my brighter side, in some people they bring out the darker side of their personality.

Figures have shown that burglaries shot up by 25% when the clocks went forward last year a shocking statistic when you think about it.

Insurers have urged homeowners to take action this year to protect their sheds and garages, to help deter opportunist thieves who have previously exploited the extra daylight hours for their own gain.

It’s obvious really think about all the equipment we keep in our sheds and garages: there’s that barbecue we talked about, lawnmowers, children’s toys and bikes, and who can forget all those power tools that the other half just couldn’t live without?

Research has shown that the average cost of a theft is £850 wow, and like me, you thought all you had in that shed was junk, didn’t you? How wrong could we be!

It’s time to fight back! Weatherproof padlocks, cables threaded through bike wheels or lawnmower handles, and indelible security marking can all help protect your collection of outdoor gubbins.

And don’t forget security lights that will kick in once the daylight finally runs out some people even plant thorny shrubs around their garden buildings to make a potential burglary a properly painful experience!

We’ve already sacrificed that precious extra hour in bed to put the clocks forward, let’s not surrender anything else to thieves who decide to take their chances.

It would be remiss of us not to remind you too that a household insurance policy could protect you if the worst should happen.

But let’s not dwell on the bad karma lurking in the shadows I’m off to buy burgers and sausages, even if we have to have that first barbecue of the year under an umbrella!

Sally Williams  uk.linkedin.com/in/sallyannewilliams

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