Identity Theft | Daydream believing is the only way to go!

David Beckham, Beyonce, George Clooney, Madonna…..

paparazziOoh who hasn’t idled away a few moments daydreaming about what life might be like if you were someone else for the day?

The private jets, the beautiful homes, the superstar entourage…the shoes!

Life as a superstar is certainly a far cry from everyday life here at Henshalls!

And the wonderful thing about daydreaming is that it’s all free and absolutely harmless to anyone else.

But the harsh reality is that there are people out there who don’t just dream about being someone else they actually take it upon themselves to become someone else.

According to the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK today what a scary thought.

How many times have you picked up the telephone to those scammers who say: “We’re calling about problems with your computer”, or how often have you received an email claiming to be from a large organisation that needs your bank details?

If you’re ever suspicious of a transaction that’s taking place, or a conversation you’re having, follow your gut instinct and end it straight away.

These people are very clever and will try anything to manipulate you into handing over personal information, so it’s vital that we’re all extremely cautious.

With the world now dominated by technology, your phone or your computer are the most likely sources of sensitive information.

So never leave your passwords where anyone can find them; when you step away from the computer, always “lock” the screen; and when you’re sending an email with personal data in it, make sure it is encrypted for security.

In our company, we handle a lot of private customer information, and we have strict rules in place to keep our records safe.

We’re particularly careful when it comes to identity theft and verifying the identity of our customers when we’re giving out or changing any personal details, and we’re extremely discreet in telephone conversations as that’s the most common way thieves choose to commit identity fraud.

Thank goodness for daydreaming it’s just the ticket to take your mind off how devious some people can be. Must dash, Simon Cowell’s waiting to take me to lunch!

Sally Williams

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