Vans and Whales

Whale tailHow do you get two whales into a Mini?

Well you can’t,  can you? Unless  they were very small baby whales.   It depends which Mini too I suppose.   You’d struggle with the 2-seater Roadster.   They’d also need a driver, because they’d be under-age, they’d struggle with the pedals, steering would be a challenge, and they couldn’t turn the radio down.  I also doubt you’d be able to keep the car full of water especially with the roof down.

How many times have you packed and repacked a suitcase before you realise that actually you really cannot take the 20 changes of clothes (including shoes) you think you need for a week on the Costa Del Sunshine?

I’m sure we’ve tested the zips on our luggage well beyond their recommended stress point.   Last month we packed a canvas holdall so tightly it was like carrying a tree trunk, and at the end of the week I came through customs looking like the Michelin man with various layers of clothes on that we simply couldn’t get back into the same bag. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand why I didn’t drink or eat anything on that journey.

I wonder what you’d do if you really needed to take 20 changes of clothes and for some reason you were only allowed hand-luggage on your flight? What would happen if it was your job to get two big things up the A5 to Wales in a Ford Ka?

Do you rely on your van for work?  What happens if you have an accident that takes it off the road for a week or two?

A standard commercial vehicle policy will usually only pay for a courtesy vehicle if the accident is clearly not your fault and that courtesy vehicle will probably be a car, most likely a small car, without a roof-rack or a trailer.

Now I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried to get a ladder into a Renault Clio, but I’m guessing it would stick out a bit. I’m also guessing your toolbox is bigger and heavier than mine (behave), and may well be too heavy for a Toyota Aygo.   I do remember lumping a load of slabs into my Mum’s VW Polo many years ago the tread off her tyres was removed by the wheel arches by the time I got home.

This may explain why those sensible people at Henshalls offer a replacement van service when they arrange van insurance.   If you take up the offer, you get a van instead of a car if an accident is not your fault.   Even better, you also get a van if it IS your fault.   You even get a van if yours is stolen and you’re sorting out a new one.  Why not give us a call for the nitty gritty?

Peace of Mind that Henshalls put some thought into insurance.

Sally Williams

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