From Little Acorns…

There’s something incredible isn’t there about how the majestic oak trees across Britain rise above the countryside and paint a picture of quintessential England.

Dried acorns with leavesBut what’s even more amazing, is that they start from the humblest of beginnings the tiny acorn.

Ok it may take hundreds of years for the full transformation to take place, but it’s more than worth it in the end.

And that’s what it’s like when it comes to starting a new business. You start full of enthusiasm, and dynamism, feeling as though you could conquer the world, and determined to make a success of your new venture.

You’ve got all your paperwork in place, and your equipment ready, and now it’s just a  case of signing up new clients who are crying out for your services.

Of course, those first few months will give you a clear picture of whether you’re likely to sink or swim and for those lucky enough to establish a firm foothold in their chosen industry, there’s no better feeling than seeing your bank balance actually on the plus side of zero.

And that’s what happened to one of our clients at Henshalls recently. He set up a facilities management company I know, that sounds like techno-speak, and what it really means is that he launched himself as a building maintenance contractor.

His hard work really started to pay off, and in the first year, he found himself taking on more and more work. As well as his general responsibilities, he got involved in pest control, managing asbestos, and pipework and heating maintenance.

But the problem was, his insurance only covered him to handle the initial work he took on it didn’t take into consideration the changes to his role, and the extra areas of work he was required to carry out.

Clearly the policy was right for him on day one, but anyone working for themselves needs to ensure their cover keeps pace with the changing face of their business as it grows.

Our Henshalls team has now made sure his business description is set out to cover all the activities he’s handling and even though it may have cost a little extra for a more in-depth policy, at least he’s now fully covered and not taking unnecessary risks.

So if your fledgling business starts to branch out, think back to that little acorn that was the first phase in the life of that old oak tree times change, and so should your insurance cover.

Take a leaf out of our client’s book (sorry!) and ask us for advice we can save you the embarrassment of barking up the wrong tree!

Anthony Hughes

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