Mind the Gap

Despite most of us considering ourselves kind and caring individuals, there’s a little bit of all of us that take a little too much delight in other people’s misfortune every now and then.

Mind the GAPLike the very well dressed young gent I had the pleasure of watching sprawl across platform 7 of New Street train station on Thursday. Perhaps I would have been more sympathetic if I hadn’t had to listen to his loud self-important conversations on his phone.

Whoever had to listen to his excuses for not ‘shooting it over’ must have heard the one about the IT problems before, and the same goes for whoever he was flirting with a few calls later. So when he was the first to ignore the conductor’s repeated warning to the mind the gap when exiting the train I know I wasn’t the only one of those he had leaped in front of to be first off, chuckling to themselves with delight. His fall was far more dramatic and needlessly prolonged than was really necessary as he extended our fun by trying to stay on his feet. Why he thought doing frantic windmill impressions would assist was beyond us, but fair play to him – the final roll to ensure he didn’t damage his precious smartphone was quite graceful.

Gaps have been quite topical at work.

The first unwanted one for everyone else is the space where one of my crowns used to sit when I smile. The cringes when I smile remind me that I can’t do a lot about it until the dentist has the replacement ready – I try not to look in the mirror too often at the best of times, so this is as good a reason as any to avoid them all together.

The second and most important Gap is the one between the write-off value of your car and the settlement figure for the finance on your new pride and joy. Your insurance policy will often cover the first 12 months for the price of a new vehicle, but after that you can be left with a nasty surprise if you are unfortunate enough to have your car written off.

Your policy will only cover the replacement cost of the vehicle, and we all know how quickly new cars depreciate in value.  Conversely, a finance agreement is paid off at a much slower rate, so if you haven’t paid a large deposit you may have a situation where the payment from the insurance company is thousands short of what you need to pay off your finance.

Many of you will be told about an insurance policy that covers this gap by the motor dealer when you buy the car, but before you take up their offer go to our website, find the GAP information, and get a quick and simple quote off us. Our online system will firstly make sure you are quoted for the right product depending on the type of finance you have, and we are confident you will then have a very nice surprise at how much you can save.

Of course, if you don’t want to do the interwebby thing, give us a ring, we’d love to help.

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