Trick or Treat? Time to decide…

It’s not often you open your front door to find a motley crew of monsters, goblins and super-heroes on the doorstep.

Halloween pumpkinBut yes, it’s that time of year again Halloween when parents everywhere are faced with the unenviable task of conjuring up Oscar-worthy outfits and buying in crate-loads of sweets for the legions of Trick or Treaters.

Yes of course for the little people in your life it’s a lot of fun and preparations have no doubt already begun.

For parents though, it’s a minefield and the helpful Health and Safety experts have come up with some invaluable advice yes, they really do get everywhere!

A lot of their suggestions are pretty obvious, such as looking for flame-resistant materials for costumes and being particularly careful with candles inside those ghoulish pumpkin creations.

And they are keen to stress that keeping children safe while they’re out and about is a top priority, as shockingly a child is four times more likely to be hit and killed by a car at Halloween than at any other time.

Inevitably there will be some over-excited youngsters (and probably some who are not so young!), but it’s important to remind everyone to be extra careful crossing roads.

They suggest everyone who takes part in a Trick or Treat expedition should carry a torch, and adults should make sure they accompany children and only call at the homes of neighbours and friends that you know well.

There are also tips for homeowners to keep ghouls and goblins safe when they visit including removing objects around the outside of your house that could lead to trips and falls in the dark.

And they also urge people to keep pumpkin Jack O’Lanterns away from doorsteps and landings where billowing costumes might brush against an open flame.

All pretty common sense stuff, but important all the same.

Halloween it divides the nation. Some people love it and some people close the curtains, lock the door and wait for it to be over.

With four children in our family, it’ll be a busy night for me that’s for sure! Let’s hope I can get the green face paint off in time for work the next day!

Sally Williams

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