The customer is always right – right?

Second-hand car dealers, estate agents, lawyers, banks and building societies all the professions that we all love to hate and whose reputation goes before them.

Well sadly research has shown that insurance companies have now joined this elite band of industries, but we’re not happy with that here at Henshalls.

A survey by call centre technology provider, Aspect, showed that customers were more likely to switch their insurance provider than any other service provider if they had just one bad experience.

Only loan providers ranked lower in the research for customer service standards.

Customer ServiceBut Henshalls is bucking the trend

Our customer satisfaction levels are consistent and our retention rates are second-to-none.

This of course doesn’t come about by chance. Our entire team works hard to build relationships with our customers and to ensure they receive the very highest levels of service at all times.

It’s not easy

We’re the first to admit that and it takes effort and commitment, particularly in today’s busy world where many people may find it easier to source their insurance online at the click of a button.

It’s difficult too because other than renewing policies once a year, or buying a new one, the main reason people need to talk to their insurer is to make a claim.

And naturally, this communication goes on at a stressful and worrying time with emotions running high, our experienced team know it’s crucial to handle clients with care and attention to help them through, no matter what circumstances they may be facing.

It’s strange though that given this lack of satisfaction with their insurers, only four per cent of the people surveyed actually lodged a complaint after receiving bad customer service.

Don’t judge all companies in the insurance industry by the same rules our door is always open, and I’m always around at networking groups across the Shropshire area if you want to chat.

We’re not all the same, and at Henshalls we really do stand out for all the right reasons!

Jenny Osborne

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