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It’s that time of year again anxious parents waving off their precious little ones, with brand new stationery and a whole new chapter beginning…

Students stating University

No, I’m not talking about those little bundles of hope with angelic faces starting school for the first time. I’m talking about students!

Yes, they may have been tiny once, but this month many parents will be bidding farewell to that half-boy half-man who takes up half the house, and who communicates with a series of grunts as he starts at university.

Or that young woman who has taken over the bathroom for years and turned her room into a shrine to the colour pink will be flying the nest as she starts her new life.

And despite the introduction of higher fees, over 600,000 students in England, Wales and Northern Ireland applied for university places this year an increase on last year’s figures.

But aside from the emotional challenge of actually letting your “child” go, parents face a whole raft of practical issues that they must deal with too.

As well as paying those crucial tuition fees, you’ll probably have to find the money to cover accommodation, living expenses, and anything else your little cherub feels they can’t live without.

Of course, many students are now choosing to live at home while they study so you may not quite have reclaimed your peace and quiet and your sanity as easily as you thought you had!

There are still a high percentage of students though who choose to live at university that way you’ll have no idea exactly what they’re up to and they’ll get to enjoy the full student “experience” oh joy!

So with all this going on, it would be easy to forget about the small stuff like insurance for instance. Your baby will be taking all kinds of valuable possessions with them as they start their new life, so how do you make sure they’re covered?

Well some home insurance policies make provision for this exact situation the insurer will cover any possessions owned by students in the family while they are living away from home.

And you can even get cover that will pay any fees you have shelled out if the student has to withdraw from their course as a result of an accident or if they are ill.

It’s a time of upheaval for everyone in the family but at least the right insurance cover will mean one less worry on your list!

Martin Pitchford  uk.linkedin.com/in/martinpitchfor

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