Pride in our Staff

I think our staff are brilliant. I mean it. They work their socks off to please our clients with ‘old-fashioned’ standards of good service based upon common sense and ‘doing the right thing’. So they should I suppose, but I know it comes naturally to them, not just because I or anyone else expects it of them.

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That’s not to say they don’t have the occasional moan!   Even when they make my life a little more difficult by “bringing something to my attention”, nearly every time it stems from their frustration that they want to do more for a client.

This printer is a possessed demon that eats paper and makes spelling mistakes”;

My computer needs wings because it’s going through the window in a minute  – why does it argue with me?   It’s blatant insubordination”;

Mr Smith’s claim took too long to sort because I had to tell the insurance company where they went wrong again”.

Who keeps nicking my pen?”

I’m not using XYZ insurance company again.   They must have the worst HR department in the world because they don’t employ enough staff and when they do take someone on it’s usually a sloth whose best comment on their last school report probably said they had untapped potential to make an effort”.

I want to make a complaint about the air conditioning there isn’t any”.

To add to their stress levels the staff also have to be continually learning.

Our industry is constantly evolving, and can be very technically challenging.   We have three members of staff who are Chartered Insurance Practitioners/Brokers, and we also have the majority who are ‘qualified by experience‘.   So, when we suggested that they may want to formalise their training with the Chartered Insurance Institute and for someone to volunteer to help us organise it, we knew we were asking a lot  – it would involve time at work and at home studying.

I was expecting around 5 to be interested. After all, who wants to go back to school 20 years after escaping into the real world? Sure, most of us realise afterwards they were some of the best times of our lives, but not many of us want to go through the first day at school again do we? How long did it take you to realise that all the kisses the teacher used to put all over your work were not kisses at all? I picked it up when I got my first tick.

Well, I’m proud to say we had a volunteer immediately, and 11 have signed up for the training.   Absolutely incredible.   Peace of Mind how much they care about looking after you….

Mark Freeman

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