Seems there are a few of these words around now. I like them. They’re not misspelt because they’re not proper words, but we all know what thy mean simply by reading and/or listening to them.

Person pitching tentThey’re not a new phenomenon either. We all know what smog is. Nope, I couldn’t resist it – Wikipedia, the online encyclopaedia, tells me these joined up words are called portmanteau words. Humpy Dumpty explained their use to Alice, apparently, when talking about the poem ‘Jabberwocky’ in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Through the Looking-Glass’. How many of us knew that! Again, I couldn’t resist checking whether Wikipedia is a portmanteau itself, and guess what – it is! (Wiki is Hawaiian for quick.)

Have I digressed? Well, a bit, but this is more interesting than insurance isn’t it? We all know I’m going to bang on about travel insurance eventually, and you probably know the type of thing I’m going to say!

So! How about glamping? I think Sharon and I are comfortable in admitting that we are not the hardened woolly sock and rucksack type of camper rediscovering the Scottish Highlands or Bodmin Moor. No, give us our well equipped tourer on a well equipped site any day! A fridge for a cold Prosecco, or a clever heating system and a DVD if it’s a little nippy outside. We had a very wet week in the Cotswolds a few weeks ago but still had a great time (we even ventured out on our bikes in the rain), but we couldn’t help but feel a mixture of sympathy and relief when we saw the tiny tent floating in a huge puddle next to our caravan …. (Sympalief?)

The unfortunate couple both looked unwell as their previous glowing complexions turned a sorry shade of green and unfortunately they had to give up and go home. I wonder if they had travel insurance? (Bang. There it is!). Yes, seriously, even for a weekend in the Cotswolds. What if you paid for a nice B&B and then fell ill and couldn’t go and couldn’t get a refund? It actually, happened to me. We were in Yorkshire and I woke up freezing cold. I put on two woolly pullovers and ventured into the lounge where Sharon and the kids were sitting in t-shirts and shorts. ‘Lift up your jumper’ she said, and then burst out laughing. She’d discovered the reason why, the day before, everyone was staring at me in the swimming baths changing room. no, it wasnt all of those things you’ve just thought of, they were all horrified to think they’d shared the pool with me because I was covered in chicken pox.

We came home and claimed on the travel insurance.

Have a great holiday, and if it goes wrong don’t let your insurance policy let you down by getting it wrong. Would an annual policy covering all your holidays be better? Read the health declaration. Check it covers your particular holiday properly (e.g. territorial limits, watersports, delayed joining flights etc). What exclusions are there? Pop in or give us a ring for a little peace of mind if you’re not sure.

Oh, and I hope the weather is kind too!

Mark Freeman

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