Vroom vroom a new set of wheels? Don’t mind if I do!

There’s nothing quite like it, is there? That unmistakeable smell of a brand new car it hits you as soon as you open the door, and that tell-tale protective paper in the footwells means everything is spotless.

GAP insurance on a new car

It almost feels criminal to actually sit in the driver’s seat, and haven’t we all promised ourselves right at that very moment that we’ll keep it this clean all the time??

With the launch of the new 63 plate registration this weekend, sadly I won’t be taking delivery of a new car this year, but my family loves to try to spot the very first brand new vehicles on the road.

And despite the recession, the industry is already forecasting impressive sales figures.

New car sales in September last year were 359,612 and experts say the total will be even bigger this time round.

But did you know that the motor dealer is likely to offer you GAP insurance at an extra cost? Never fear at Henshalls, we’ve launched a brand new service that could be up to 35% cheaper https://www.henshalls.com/gap-insurance

If you’re not entirely clear on what GAP insurance entails, here’s the low-down.

If you have a claim, most fully-comprehensive car insurance policies will only replace your vehicle with a new car during the first 12 months of ownership.

This of course is bad news if your car is written off or stolen once you’ve had it longer than a year because you’ll probably find yourself out of pocket, despite any payout you receive from your insurer.

You’ll only get the current market value of your car back too, which will be just above the trade price but much lower than the retail value.

GAP insurance will quite literally fill the gap! This means you’ll still be able to pay back any finance you owe phew, at least that’s one worry off the list!

Even better news too, you can get an online quote from our Henshalls GAP insurance service so you’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying for peace of mind.

So before you sign up with the motor dealer in the thrill of the moment, give us a try we could save you some serious money!

Martin Pitchford  uk.linkedin.com/in/martinpitchfor

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