Phew what a scorcher!

Go on admit it you’ve had enough of this hot and humid weather haven’t you?

Very High Scorching Temperature Shown On A Thermostat

We all moan about the terrible British summers we seem to have every year, and now just when the weather seems to have given us what we’ve been craving, we’re moaning about the heat!

Of course, if you’ve got some holiday time booked and you can enjoy the ice creams, the days out at the beach, and the barbecues in the garden, then it’s not so bad.

But if you’re struggling into work day after day, then your attitude is probably very different!

Health and safety rules state that the temperature in an indoor workplace must be “reasonable” but what does that mean exactly?

Generally you can consider that means a temperature of at least 16 degrees, or 13 degrees if the work process is more physical.

And if the work involves hot processes which increase the workplace temperature still further, employers need to take as many steps as possible to protect their staff think about insulating hot plants or pipes, air conditioning, shading windows, or siting work stations well away from the heat source.

It’s even worse of course if you find yourself required to wear personal protective equipment in extreme weather but what can you do?

Obviously PPE is worn for a reason, to protect you from hazards, but ask your employer if you can review how much you actually need to wear at the hottest times.

Your boss should also allow work to be carried out at a slower rate than usual, and allow staff to rotate their tasks frequently so you’re not constantly exposed to the highest temperature throughout your entire shift.

You could also suggest they schedule the hottest work to be done at cooler times of the day but given the Sahara-like conditions we’ve all endured in the last few weeks, there doesn’t seem to have been a “cooler” period at any point!

If you feel things really are unbearable, there’s no point seething in isolation. You’ll need to persuade your colleagues to complain too and present a united front as that way your boss is required to address your concerns.

Thankfully summers like this don’t come round all that often ahh the nostalgic memories of the sizzling summer of 1976 so let’s enjoy it while we can and try to avoid getting (ahem!) hot under the collar!

Tony Conlon

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