In the Blue Corner

I’m starting a fight yes you did read that correctly me.

Mild-mannered Tony has had enough and I’m issuing a call to arms to encourage all of you to join me in my battle.

Health and safety

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I’m passionate about my work and I’ve spent decades helping clients to find just the right insurance to meet their needs.

I am also responsible for setting up the Henshalls health and safety team we’re the only insurance broker in the region to offer such a service.

But this is also where my problem lies: it’s the Jobsworths you see.

Health and safety has always been renowned for its nit-picking but now it seems things have gone beyond a joke.

Crackpot stories of triangular flapjacks banned by a school for fear of sharp edges; bars refusing to serve beer in pint glasses with handles; and restaurants removing toothpicks from tables have all pushed me to the limit.

The old “elf and safety” excuse is trotted out all the time to justify all sorts of ridiculous decisions and it’s got to stop.

Time is money and no-one wants to plough through complicated guidelines that could be totally irrelevant. We must fight back against these Jobsworths who use the rules as a convenient excuse to ban perfectly reasonable activities and we can start right now.

It’s all about that well-worn phrase common sense.

Balancing the benefits and risks is the way forward, not erring on the side of caution with wildly over-the-top regulation or mountains of pointless paperwork.

Our experts are dedicated to the cause of helping to chart a course through the minefield of health and safety rules in clear and simple terms.

Those Jobsworths in their ivory tower need to stop exaggerating the risks and learn that a calm, steady and even approach is a much better option.

Phew! Glad I got that off my chest! All this fighting talk is exhausting I may need a lie down!

Tony Conlon

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