If I say the word “Shrewsbury, what springs to mind? Charles Darwin? The football club? Or the age-old debate about how the word is actually pronounced?

Well fact fans, I’ve got something else for you to add to the list!

Motorists in the county town are the least likely in England to make a claim on their car insurance for criminal loss or damage.

Car Thief

Yes, that’s right the least likely in England, and second in the UK behind Perth in the league of postcode areas where claims were unlikely to be made for vandalism, theft of their vehicle, and theft of contents.

The revelation comes from research carried out by MoneySupermarket, and puts a whole new spotlight on our county’s jewel in the crown.

This is of course a great result to finish as runner-up in a nationwide poll, and it gives us motorists peace of mind that our vehicles are more likely to be safe here than in some of the towns that didn’t fare so well.

And which towns did badly I hear you say? Maybe unsurprisingly motorists in Essex and London are the most likely to claim, with Ilford in first place and Romford close behind.

Over half of all claims (52%) were for the theft of a vehicle by far the most common reason to call in the insurers followed by vandalism damage (41%) and theft of contents from a vehicle (7%).

But those good old experts have said while there are clearly some areas of the country with a higher proportion of insurance claims for car crime than others, the results doesn’t actually mean an area that did badly is rife with crime.

Often thieves will look for easy pickings and specifically target areas with a high number of cars parked on the street where fewer houses have garages.

But equally, you could be at risk in a quieter area where there is less passing traffic, and the chances of being caught in the act may be lower.

Let’s just sound a note of caution here though fellow Shrewsbury drivers just because our town ranks as one of the safer areas to be a motorist, we must not be complacent.

At Henshalls we can help you find the right motor insurance to suit your individual needs, so if you’re in the driving seat with your seatbelt firmly fastened, remember mirror, signal manoeuvre and let’s get this show on the road!

Dave Williams  uk.linkedin.com/in/davewilliams2

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