Suited and booted and ready for the day

What am I wearing today you may ask? Gucci, Prada….I wish!

No, today I’m wearing a suit of armour yes really.

Henshalls, Sally in a suit of Armour

You see in my role as a business development executive, I can never be sure what reaction I’ll get when I walk into a company’s premises to raise awareness of just what Henshalls could do to help them.

It’s a difficult role to play because I’m often walking into the lion’s den cold, and over the years, that has led to many a funny moment.

But it has also led to some not so funny moments, including being asked to leave the premises as a business “won’t speak to people like me” I beg your pardon? People like me? What does that mean exactly?

We’ve all experienced the pushy, over-zealous door-to-door sales person gabbling on about what makes them different from the last one, how they can save you money blah, blah, blah.

And how annoying is it when they’ve interrupted your coffee break or interfered with all that important time you were spending on Facebook?

But don’t tar us all with the same brush! Some of us can actually back up our claims of making a difference to your business and I’m definitely in that category!

My “suit of armour” approach stems from the very earliest days of my training when we were taught to “suit up” before meeting a prospective client to prepare for whatever response was coming our way.

I still do it now, and it’s served me well over the years, but working for Henshalls, I’m finding I need to use it less and less, because the service I’m promoting really lives up to its promises.

This means the reaction I’m receiving as I visit companies all over Shropshire and beyond is overwhelmingly positive and my armour seems less important.

So next time you get a visit from a person like me, try not to be dismissive we really could turn out to be someone who could help your business save vital time and money.

Surely that counts as a blessing in disguise? Now where did I put my shield…


Sally Williams

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