Ghosts don’t do customer service

Computers love them or hate them, they’re now an integral part of almost all our lives.

Henshalls customer service, Senior couple meeting with agent or advisor

Whether it’s at work, online shopping, banking, films or music, it’s impossible to ignore them, but is this really such a good thing?

We’ve all seen the advertisements about how easy it is to buy insurance online, but it’s difficult to know just what you’re getting into if you can’t speak to someone face-to-face.

Take the example of the couple who have been jailed this month after setting up a “ghost” brokerage firm, with hundreds of motorists paying commissions of £100 each.

They then posed as the drivers and lied to underwriters over their details and records in order to secure cheaper policies.

The scheme ran for over seven years and they made a total of £920,000 through the fraud which they spent on cars, public school fees and holidays in Jamaica, Mauritius, Mexico and Tokyo.

The couple also failed to pay any tax and were convicted after a seven-week trial for insurance and benefit fraud.

Now if those motorists had used an insurance broker they could actually see, or speak to in person, they wouldn’t have been caught out by the scam.

At Henshalls, our aim is to give you peace of mind at all times, and since we’ve been in business for over 40 years, you can be assured we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

Technology and computers may have transformed our lives in so many ways, but you can’t beat a bit of old fashioned customer service and that’s what Henshalls is all about.


Dave Williams

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