Busy doing nothing…

We all know the song “We’re busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do”

In our dreams here at Henshalls! Doing “nothing” is a luxury we can’t afford in our office.

There’s never a dull moment because the variety of work we get through on any given day is mind-blowing.

Here’s a taste of just one day in the life of an insurance broker!

  • A wealthy client who lives abroad asks us to insure his main property and his overseas holiday home that’s the life I want!
  • Director of a large plant hire firm asks us to call her sister (a director of a ground maintenance company) because her existing broker is being difficult we secured a 30% saving on her motor fleet premium
  • An existing client urgently needs buildings and contents insurance for his new home he’s moving in tomorrow personal lines to the rescue
  • Local business wants insurance against cyber attacks on his website and computer viruses
  • Another existing client calls to ask if we can add a mature student visiting from overseas to his motor policy
  • Good news from an insurer new Total Loss Top Up Gap insurance cover extra protection and it means we can offer a product that exceeds customer expectations
  • Review and renew a large property owner’s portfolio followed by short trek down the M54 to secure renewal on an existing motor trade client

And finally, time to turn off the computer, walk round the office to check printers, photocopiers and all lights are off, set the alarm, go home, have tea, walk the dog, and enjoy a nice glass of Merlot!

Now I just have to be ready to start all over again tomorrow….

*Oh and for trivia fans, that song is actually from a Bing Crosby film A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. There’s a fact to impress your friends with! I need to get out more…


Martin Pitchford  uk.linkedin.com/in/martinpitchfor

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